Familiarity with Jurchin units

The technical and engineering unit of Jurchin Group is responsible for designing dry brick and ceramic facades, calculations and designing supporting structures for executing dry facades, designing the parts used, preparing shop drawing and controlling how the project is implemented. This group uses the latest version of specialized software AutoCad, Revit, 3Ds Max, Etabs and Sap2000 to provide engineering services.

Overview of the performance of the technical and engineering unit in a sample project:

  • If there is an approved view of the employer, the experts of this group will provide advice to optimize costs and activities.
  • Designing the facade structure and presenting the calculation book
  • Prepare a detailed shop map
  • Close communication with the employer to make the necessary arrangements
  • Sending an expert to the project site to control the execution operations
  • Modify the map in case of changes
  • Direct interaction with the executive forces for better execution

jourchin HSE history

Since the inception of jourchin the safety, health, and environment unit has been working to put the management of HSE’s organizational structure change on the agenda and to establish the HSE management system expert and to specialized work was put on the agenda with detailed studies of the experimental results In the construction industry which examined the resources and human resources organizational structure as well as the required facilities and the company’s HSE organizations .
Jourchin was prepared since then all the employees of the company have moved in the direction of the set goals and policies and with a lot of effort we tried to perform the activities and tasks based on the executive method and HSE instructions.
Jourchin HSE management is a continuation of the company s politic to achieve valid global standards sustainable development up to date production and optimal service and to change attitudes and improve traditional views of the event in its collection .
Although this organization is very young in its short period of activity it has left a productive record and a significant impact on operational complexes. with a brief look at the performance of this management we can understand the depth of its quantitative and qualitative effects on improving the level of health safety and environmental health.
HSE management system by creating a creative cultural platform a new and systematic approach to integrated and with the integration of human resources facilities and equipment using efficient training system periodic audits continuous evaluation and improvement minimize the adverse effect of industry on the environment and increase its desired effects by providing comprehensive safety for all employees equipment and facilities and minimizing accident and injuries caused by work by controlling or eliminating  unsafe conditions and improving health in the kidneys company levels as well as environment protection are considered as human capital.
As a strategic industry in the country jourchin company has always been a pioneer in using valid global standard and updating management system and based on this its uses its maximum power to create healthy working environments and sustainable development.the integrated health safety and environmental management system at jourchin provides away to achieve goals that are to create workplaces without accident damage and without polluting the environment.

Jourchin HSE policy

elimination of all risks and adverse effects on the environment and company equipment


moving on the leap of productivity growth human resource growth with the application of up-to-date national and international standard for sustainable development.

Commitments :

  • Identify all safety health and environmental hazards
  • Risk assessment of all risk, aspects, elimination of unacceptable risk or their reduction as usual and possible.
  • In HSE management system , compliance with requirements related to IMS HSE –MS.
  • Improving staff culture HSE.
  • Effective , positive and continuous interaction with contractors to prevent accident .
  • Efforts to continuously improve HSE indicators
  • Efforts to increase employee.

Project control

Project control is the process of maintaining the project path to achieve a justified economic balance between the three factors of cost, time and quality during project implementation, which is assisted by its own tools and techniques in doing so. In fact, control is the precise and complete implementation of the program developed for the project, so that when leaving the program, by identifying the causes and planning of the most economical activities, the project can be returned to its original and original path as close as possible.


  • We are all familiar with this word. We know that a prerequisite for success in doing a job, a project or a test is careful planning for it.
  • In the PMBOK project management guide, the number of planning processes includes 24 processes, of which 49 out of a total of 49 mentioned processes, which is approximately half of the total project management processes, belong to the planning process group.
  • Planning is a series of regular, systematic and interrelated operations that are carried out by an institution, organization or government for a certain period of time in order to achieve a specific set of goals.

Quality Control (QC):

In quality management and engineering and industrial production, the quality control (QC) and quality engineering is the department that is engaged in creating methods so that the factory can use those methods to improve the quality and customer-friendliness of goods. These methods and systems are usually designed in collaboration with other engineering and business disciplines.

. A quality control group is a small group of employees who have a similar nature of work and to solve problems or improve the work process in line with the goals and activities of the quality control organization, voluntarily and with internal motivation without any external supervision and through regular meetings and At leisure, they try to increase the quality of their company or factory.

Quality Control (QC):

Regular and planned monitoring and evaluation of various aspects of a project, service, system or device that maximizes the likelihood of meeting quality standards in the production process. Quality assurance certainly can not guarantee the production of quality products. Two principles that quality assurance includes: “Suitable for the purpose” – the product must be suitable for the intended purpose; And “right the first time” – mistakes must be corrected.
Quality assurance includes the regulation of the quality of raw materials, alloys, products and components, services related to production and management, as well as the production and inspection of processes. It is the duty of the engineer to be efficient in the first place, while it is the duty of the quality assurance of efficiency at all times.
Jurchin commercial Unit, as the beating heart of the company, has a mission to create a safe and beneficial market for the company by knowing and being aware of the environmental conditions, and to provide the path of growth and development. This unit should identify job opportunities according to the existing potentials and prepare the field for concluding new employment contracts and new partnerships by preparing and compiling bids and tender documents. The purpose of the business unit is to manage all matters that lead to the identification, maintenance and development of profitable customers and the promotion of the company’s name and brand.

What does export and import consulting (international trade or foreign trade) do?

  • Developing an international marketing strategy
  • Recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of the company in the field of export and import and correcting them
  • Studying the conditions of supply of goods, including products and imports and needs and demands
  • research market realities, especially the target market situation
  • Having up-to-date information about foreign and domestic markets
  • Awareness of the facilities and limitations of the domestic market and the target market
  • survey the conditions of the target country, such as economic, political, legal, cultural and social factors
  • Consulting the development of a justification plan for obtaining a license Advice on obtaining a business card
  • Consulting to obtain order registration in the shortest possible time
  • Consultation in the field of transportation, loading and unloading of goods
  • Consulting all matters related to customs operations
  • survey the advantages of the country of origin or destination Helping to decide on activities
  • Consulting the preparation of export declarations for the import of all authorized goods
  • Consulting advice from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce
  • Consulting the follow-up of customs affairs and all activities related to export and import
  • Advice on opening letters of credit in exchange