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The Jourchin Company with more than 40 years of experience of its managers in the field of consulting, designing and implementing various industrial projects, hotels and multi-purpose complexes, was established in 2016. This company, according to the facade research in the construction industry, has targeted the approach of industrial production, facilitation and acceleration of implementation, and resistance and strength along with beauty by designing and presenting new implementation methods in the field of building dry facades. The result of the research of the company’s experts is the presentation of the method of dry brick facades, which has been welcomed by architects and builders with its implementation in several projects. Currently, the services of this company are consulting, design, production of connections and implementation of dry facades, and the experts and specialists of this company are ready to provide any advice and technical information in this field. We hope that we can take more effective steps in the construction industry with the efforts and creativity of young professionals and with the unreserved support of our experienced professors.

Design of dry brick facade implementation methods


Production of dry facade joints


Implementation of all types of dry brick facades


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